About me

Building brands since 2006. My goal is to innovate the digital space, and not merely remix existing ideas. By designing tomorrow, with the focus not only on business but with the purpose of advancing humanity as well.

As a lateral thinker and a futurist, I understand that there are always  simple solutions to elevate and improve lives.
This can easily be achieved by aligning business requirements,  to predict future user expectations and not only accommodate for what users currently want, but will need in the future. By accounting for global, technology & design trends, software requirements, budget limitations, together we can create a functional yet beautiful and useful product.

As Bruce Lee says, “Simplicity, is the key to brilliance!”

UX I believe is not only about aesthetics or simplicity, but most importantly about the usefulness in our lives, it’s functionality.

If you aim to innovate with sustainability as your focus, perhaps we could find that by collaborating, we could change the world.


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