At DESIGNERD we understand that our business processes can affect change. It can have positive or negative technological, social, environmental and economic impact. We understand that everything is designed. Everything has the potential to help or harm. We all have a responsibility to be careful what we create. From systems, products, companies, technology, policies and more. We are responsible to not compromise future generations. 


Our Perspective on how to change the world

People, Places, we are fully remote

DESIGNERD doesn’t believe in the traditional employee model. We choose voluntary cooperation without hierarchy.  We collaborate with various members depending on client needs and budget. We have contractors, located in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Cape Town.  We are futurists who believe in having a lower carbon footprint & maximising efficiency, we’ve maintained a remote working model since 2016 and 4 day work week since 2019.  We choose  to maximise the time we spend on work which matters. To solve real environmental, social & technological problems. We give our best to clients and various communities, who’s problems go beyond profit. We seek clients with purpose like us. Through our give, live, learn and earn philosophy, ensure we maximise what we give our clients. By maximising time to live and learn. And removing all unnecessary distractions to success. Wherever you are, irrespective of time zone, we can help you.

Process: We've been remote workers before it was mainstream​

We are a team who values learning and respect hard work. We operate via a  remote working model to eliminate the additional expenses and pollution of commuting daily, as well as waste incurred from a physical building.  The 4 day work week is also beneficial in ensuring client delivery is always completed and employees are always happy, as Fridays are non-working days.. Or days dedicated to your own personal endevours. Whether passion projects, learning or if you just need a 3 day weekend. Employee experience increases, and by default Client delivery will increase.  We are 80% digital collaborators who spend 20% of our time in physical spaces with each other or with clients. We are happy to offer our  expertise in Human Centered Design. Our approach is based off of over 27 years cumulative contractor experience shared between our consultants. We pride ourselves on setting up our clients for success through integration of experts and experiential learning and digital experiences and are sure that you will leave our sessions more prepared than you have ever been before to face the challenges of business & life  in the coming future. 

Our vision and dream of an inclusive future​

A sustainable, inclusive society with reduced inequalities. Great work with purpose which promotes good health, wellbeing. Strengthening families by empowering people to help themselves. Fixing environments and technology which exclude. Supporting and creating equal opportunity for those who are “perceived” as having limitations, when in fact society is the limiting factor. All those discriminated against, as victims or vulnerable, to ensure they are listened to.  To empower them and help them find their freedom, independence. Through initiatives focused around entrepreneurship, communication, innovation, art, agriculture, technology & sustainability

DESIGNERD, through its Entrepreneurial Partner network, works to support many. From entrepreneurs, designers, freelancers, career-changers, students & NGO’s / NPO’s. We provide sustainability & innovation, education, content, tools and environments. To guide designers, developers, mentors, entrepreneurs & students. To fulfill their potential as our future creative technologists & future conservationists.