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Effective Collaboration = Accelerated Innovation

Theme: Collaboration

Why this topic? …Technology is moving faster than we can reeducate ourselves. We can’t know everything, but we do need to learn to effectively bridge knowledge gaps within teams. To quickly gain context and to ensure everyone is on the same page.

When conducting user research and stakeholder interviews we need to effectively gain insights across all teams which interact/provide for the user. By combining existing knowledge. Interdisciplinary working provides so many benefits – when wider groups/teams start to interact, you get many additional viewpoints and ideas that might not have come from working alone. Collaboration is an essential skill which every Interaction Designer & User Experience Designer needs. In fact, it’s a critical skill for anyone who deals with multiple teams.

• Effective collaboration increases the chances of associations between ideas that results in innovative combinations.

• Feedback speeds up iterations, while more connections help us push good ideas forward.

• Ultimately collaboration contributes to ensuring the implementation of the best idea. (best =most useful & most valuable to business & users)

Indigo New Media
Janice Scheckter (Collaboration Strategist) from Indigo New Media

Topic: “Surviving & thriving in the collaboration era” (Janice Scheckter – Collaboration Strategist)

Speaker bio: Janice has studied collaboration for over 6 years. Working in the collaborative space and develops collaborative strategies for poverty alleviation, active citizenry and innovation in business, smarter start-ups, better education & more. Janice is the Managing Director of Indigo New Media & Founder/MD of the Wine School. At Indigo New Media their MTP (Massive Transformational Purpose) is “Changing the world, one community at a time”. -focus on bringing more people into the collaborative era and shifting much of what is done, to increase social impact.

Janice social media links: Website Blog Youtube

And something special for the die hard Adobe nerds:

Adobe Sub Saharan Africa
Carla Ralph – prev. Scholtz – Adobe Digital Media Solutions Consultant

Topic: “Software: New Adobe XD Release – Tips & Tricks” (Carla Ralph -prev. Scholtz – Adobe Digital Media Solutions Consultant)

Speaker bio: Carla has been the Digital Media Solutions Consultant at Adobe Systems (Sub-Saharan Africa). Over 16 years experience within the creative industry, has afforded her the necessary expertise to provide expert consulting for current/potential clients around Adobe solutions. Carla is responsible for providing a solution driven approach for the entire range of digital media products these include their Creative Cloud & Document Cloud product offerings. (Design, Web, Digital Imaging, Video, E-learning solutions). Carla was also both Adobe Certified Expert & Adobe Certified Instructor in multiple applications prior to joining Adobe. And has been involved in design of several books and the creation of e-learning content for several organisations.

Carla social media links: Facebook Twitter  Youtube

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