Your One stop Production House

So you’ve always wanted to start your own business or cause? Are you a non-profit wanting to change the world? A for-profit start up or small business providing solutions which make life better for others? Or perhaps a social enterprise focusing on bridging the gap between providing a service which is both profitable and helpful to humanity?  Do you want to live your dream and share something you believe is beneficial to others? Let’s help you build your business today. As your one stop production house, we can help you with everything from Research, Strategy, Design, Development & Marketing.


From recruitment, field research, user research or usability testing


Brand, Content, Customer Experience, Sustainability, Marketing and more


Visual, User Interface, Experience, Instructional, Environmental


Front and back end development, includes SEO, analytics and security


From every digital channel to a global footprint, let’s get you there


From website maintenance, technical support, community platforms or education.



Students participated in our practical programme to gain experience after university (3) and (3) to gain experience due to career change


Years combined experience within our current team.


Hours of non-paid work (community education and technical support)


Businesses helped in 3 years. From brand to web development, event management, participatory education and digital marketing.


Hours of contracted work (contracting/freelance/design collaborations)


Freelance and remote work collaborations and contributions

Businesses we have helped

Past or present, big or small, paid or volunteer ... we want to see your business grow
Fist with chains in foreground with shadows of protesting people in the background against an orange sunset sky
Copper logo of simplified drawing of magnified view of the skin, with hair follicle
Q with a gold hand in the centre of it. With a gold circle surrounding the Q
Dark green circular logo with light green rootbox logo in the centre. 2 green leaves are sprouting up above the letters "box"
light blue and light green gradient background with a white geometric e, which resembles a square box.
White DVT logo on blue circle
Circular shaped logo of purple shadows of women, one with trumpet in her hand to signify speaking up, one carrying a bowl on her head and one with her fist in the air.
Logo of tree. The leaves of tree are sheets of paper
White text in black circle
Simple geometric lines of a heart with the highest tower in Johannesburg as filled icon, with blue base below the tower. The tower has a yellow circle behind it against an orange background which fills the heart shape. To signify a joburg sunset. The heart is on the left with a figma "F"symbol on the right. Below these 2 symbols is the word Johannesburg
White eagle inverted against the black background. The eagle has 2 red circles behind him to symbolise the sun as well as a bicycle wheel
Watermark the words Cooking culture with a simplified outline of spoon. To signify food being your medicine. Slogan "Slow food, good food" below spoon
Black shadows against white background. The collection of shapes together make up the shape of the continent of africa. The shapes include a woman, a fist, 2 giraffes, a baobab tree, mountains

Digital Solutions
for your brand

Now more than ever, your business should be online in an accessible and authentic way. It may seem like a mountain to climb, but we can walk this digital journey with you. Let’s help you transform your problems into possibilities.