People who have the gift of OCD Obsessive Creative Disorder. obsessed with ideas.. those who not only Explore, Experiment or Explain and simplify complex ideas... to reimagine experiences - but who take all forms from ideation to implementation. ​



Logo for DX: School of Thought


School of Thought was started out of necessity. For 4 reasons:

  1. There are many systemic issues from a social, technological & environmental perspective. Our burning question was, “How might we collaborate or be catalysts for positive change at scale?”

  2. Many entrepreneurs start up, but can’t afford an agency to help them build their brand & optimise their internal operations or create unforgettable experiences for their customers. (Its a real chicken-egg/catch 22 for them). — Many companies require research but are not conducting this correctly or efficiently –the right data is not being gained to inform the best design decisions.

  3. Everyone who knows Designerd, requires design services. All new start up projects are exciting, and we want to help them all grow. We feel it is our responsibility to help wherever possible– the result is that we end up taking on too much work, which is not a sustainable way to live.

  4. At the same time there are many unemployed students with/without degrees, freelancers who want to be part of something more, and career changes who seek meaning within their lives & work. As well as wasted talent with amazing knowledge, not being shared.

The solution: School of Thought: Future Friday Sessions (DESIGN SCHOOL)

Weekdays we work on entrepreneur/sme projects as design challenges we are now supporting 4 entrepreneurs through this programme with digital & print content development, educational content as well as branded collateral & marketing to help them create brands people need & love.

Every friday we are open to the public from 12:00-13:30 for online learning. To cover Design Principles, Process, Products & Possibilities. If you’d like to volunteer as an educator or to join to learn more with us feel free to contact us.

David Mcunu

From designing just beautiful designs for my clients, to creating visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, connect, educate and empower for Designerd

Deep-thinker, dreamer & feminist. intermediate Graphic Design

Samantha Stevens

I love Solving Problems! And when I mix that with my passion for multimedia, It feels like putting together a puzzle. That’s what being a designer is all about, I can always create anything in any type of medium and have fun while doing it. Through Designerd I have seen the endless possibilities; I am learning and growing all the time. I know that the new tools and techniques I have learned will someday help me build my own successful business, because my goal is to improve the lives of those around me in a unique and creative way.

A strong heart and a calm spirit, Sam is the a passionate designer who loves a challenge. Happy to have her in our team.

Jabulile Twala

There is so much more to Design than you think! That's what I hope to share with people. Through Designerd I have learned how i can use design to make a difference. As a Multimedia Designer, I have found the many ways of making cool and fun designs to still be simple. I feel free to be myself while helping others to do the same. This to me is more than just a Hobby! Its Purpose, and i hope to continue learning and growing as a designer.

Jabu is a very talented UI Designer with strong conceptual and execution skills. I am grateful to be have the opportunity to watch her flourish.

Noluthando Mazibuko

I have a passionate for telling other people’s stories. Writing gives me the freedom of tapping into different worlds While Design on the other hand,Gives my words color, sound, personality and abstract meaning. Working with Designerd has given me the opportunity to take my words to heights that I never imagined! I am excited to grow and build with this creative team.

Wordsmith, journalist & poet


Cooking Culture

Brand: Concept, Design & Marketing

Womin African Alliance

Brand. Research, Strategy, Design & Development, Marketing

Rise Against Repression

Brand. Research, Strategy, Design & Development

Health & Safety animations


Health & Safety Concept, Design & Animation