We are here to help you build your brand. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we have experience with everything from ideation to implementation. Let’s help you turn ideas into reality. 

Qualitative Research

Designerd is home to some highly skilled researchers and analysts. Research is the key to success in any design. We look at a multitude of areas to dissect the problem first. Spending more time learning about your business, diagnosing problems, before moving to solution mode.

Business Systems Analysis

We believe that everything is connected. We all have a responsibility to create systems, products, companies, technology, policies and more, which do not compromise future generations. Hence we are careful in how we help, and who we help. Let us help your company move in a more socially, environmentally & technologically responsible direction.


Combining years of experience in various design disciplines we will craft the best approach to create custom solutions. Project planning and execution will be tied into the goals of your company. Bringing out your purpose and passion for your people, products and services.

Various Research Methods

We are mindful in our approach, ensuring our research is conducted in an ethical and secure way. Always with the respect first and foremost to the those who are directly impacted by our work. We can help you with your various needs, from Qualitative User Research (moderated and unmoderated), to other methods such as Field Research & Usability testing. We also focus on digital quantitative methods too.


Design is in everything... and in our view, it all starts with purpose and process. Most start up companies (and even some long standing ones)-- have lost their way and don't know what they stand for anymore or who the message is for online. The new way of work means that people don't have time to waste on the wrong businesses. We are here to help you get your message across to the right audience using various methods. From Visual Design, Graphic Art, Illustration, Content Creation, User Experience Design and User Interface Design. Digital and Physical Product Design are our main favorites


Our mobile first approach ensures scalability is always first in mind. With mvp implementations for release. Followed by research-based, iterations to enhance your product. Never compromising on usability & experience.

Our team can help you with all your needs from Campaign Management, SEO keyword Analysis and Recommendations. All your technical requirements can be researched, documented and implementation plan created then executed for you. We love making the imagined real and useful.

Let's help you start your business, or rebrand your existing one

We can help you with...

Research 100%
Strategic Design 100%
Visual Design 100%
Frontend Development 100%
Backend Development 100%
Marketing 100%
Analytics 100%

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